Your donations and sponsorships help support Camp Fire USA’s community and outcome-based programs that spark the light in the youth that we serve.

Camp Fire USA exposes the youth of our community to new and different experiences with your help. To learn more about how you or your business can help make these activities a reality, contact Michelle Zych at 402-397-5809 or

  • Disposable Cameras – Photography classes teach our kids self-reliance and confidence while giving us a glimpse into their view of the world.  BONUS – Scrapbooking supplies promote creativity in how each child presents their photos! 
  • Gardening Supplies – Seeds, tools and fertilizer give our kids the opportunity to grow their own vegetables while learning the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  BONUS – Volunteers are always welcome to help the kids tend their gardens and give them pointers! 
  • Soccer Equipment – Camp Fire kids love soccer!  Not only does it keep them active, it also gives them the opportunity to learn about discipline, teamwork and the importance of personal commitment.  BONUS – Camp Fire kids also love playing Dodgeball, jumping rope and Yoga, all of which provide them with energy-releasing activity while giving them the tools they need to be successful! 
  • Construction Paper – Whether they are making thank you cards for supporters who have provided them with new experiences or practicing their cursive skills, Camp Fire kids love construction paper and use it for a variety of character-building activities everyday.  BONUS – Markers, crayons and glue also make these projects a reality and allow Camp Fire kids to personalize their work!
  • New Experiences – Camp Fire kids love to go on field trips!  They provide the opportunity to learn something new about themselves and their community.  Whether the second graders are learning about the environment, the eighth graders taking in a cultural performance, or the tenth graders are touring a college, these trips build Camp Fire kids into caring confident youth and future leaders.  BONUS – Host Camp Fire kids at your workplace or favorite leisure activity and watch them learn about all that the world has to offer! 
  • Afternoon Snacks – These snacks often serve as dinner for Camp Fire kids and must get them through the night.  Camp Fire kids enjoy fresh fruit, yogurt, and other nutritious food for snack.  BONUS – Camp Fire also provides Family Community Dinners at each program once a month.  These special nights give families the opportunity to have a hot meal together while participating in a fun educational activity. 
  • Weekend Food – Camp Fire’s Weekend Food Program provides 250 elementary children with backpacks full of kid-friendly and nutritious food to take home over the weekend so that they are ready to take their studies by storm when Monday arrives.  BONUS – Volunteers are also needed to stuff the backpacks each week!

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