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Ever Wonder if Camp Fire is Making A Difference for These Kids… Read This

Camp Fire is a place where I can feel welcome. I feel and I’m sure everyone here knows this is a place to have fun and be serious at the same time. In Camp Fire we do a thing called clap twice or hands up, and during that time we are in complete silence while Mr. L.D. or any one of the staff is talking. We have total respect for everyone who steps into Camp Fire. Thanks to Camp Fire, I am not on the streets in gangs or doing drugs. Before Camp Fire I saw all my old friends in gangs shoplifting. Ever since Camp Fire, I decided not to join them because people get hurt these ways. I love Camp Fire because we have a lot of clubs and most of them are really fun. I am excited to be in Camp Fire because it keeps me out of trouble with the law. Camp Fire is a place where racism is not accepted. This is Camp Fire and I hope to stay here the whole year and to come to summer Camp Fire. Summer Camp Fire is almost the same thing, but we go to fun field trips. We go to Mahoney State Park, Papio bay, Omaha Royals games, etc. There is a lot more, but you have to figure them out for yourselves and give us a visit.

By Jesus Hallsted
Norris Junior High School

Generous Volunteers Help Camp Fire Kids

Edgar and Fabian both attend Gomez Heritage Elementary and are in the Camp Fire program at Gomez. Edgar is in the fourth grade and Fabian is in the first grade. In late December, the house their family was renting had an electrical fire and they lost almost everything. They had the clothes they were wearing that day and they salvaged a couple priceless items, but other than that, they had nothing. They didn’t know what to do and were reaching out for help in any way they could.

Word got out around Camp Fire that they were in need, and donations started pouring in. The mother was so thankful for all the donations and couldn’t believe the support they were getting and how many donations were coming in. And when the two younger boys were helping unload a car full of clothes, they came up and hugged the person who donated this to them because they were so happy. They didn’t have beds, dressers or bedding. And with the donations from Camp Fire staff, friends, board members and donors this family received beds, dressers, couches, bedding, towels, TV’s, shoes, food and clothing. They also received many gift card donations to Wal-Mart and other places to help get them back on their feet and get the items that they were in need of. This fire really affected this family in so many ways. They were already struggling living off of one income and when this fire happened they were devastated and didn’t know what they were going to do. But they reached out and asked for help and it was amazing to see the support and donations that were sent to this family.

They have recently moved into another home and are starting to get things back in order. This family is internally grateful for everything that Camp Fire has done for them and they feel so blessed that so many people were willing to help in anyway they could. They want to thank everyone for reaching out and helping them through this rough time.

By Katie Ritchie
Program Coordinator at Gomez Elementary

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